The Carnivore Flea, The Ultimate Tees

Looking for the ultimate t-shirts? Welcome to the online shop of The Carnivore Flea. Here you'll find tees that give off attitude, personality andbadassness.

The Carnivore Flea is a brand specialized in t-shirts with a very young spirit. Full of inspiration of the things we like, from references of the teen culture, passing by cinematographic, to new social media.

The Carnivore Flea : The Nineties, grunge, The Craft, floral, rock, Hole, the Seventies, Carrie, Clueless, Debbie Harry, unconventional mixes, Saved by the bell, junk food, vintage, Wes Anderson movies, Lula Magazine, Jane Birkin, Joan Jett, Pamela Love, Beetlejuice, Tumblr, Pinterest and a lot of more things that fills diary in our work.

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